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My Story

I am a Senior Advisor That Leverages His Experience as a Former Senior Executive

Unlike many consultants, I've actually been in a real operating role. I know big budgets, big teams, hard deadlines, difficult decisions, and even disappointing results. I've worked with impatient CEO's and demanding Boards. 

I cut my teeth on consumer brands as a young marketing executive at P&G.  I refined my business strategy skills at The Boston Consulting Group and went on to help grow Luxottica Retail to become a $4 billion division of Luxottica Group.  There, I led the marketing organization for 10 years and was EVP and General Manager for 5 years.

My approach is detailed and analytical. I use PowerPoint effectively, but resist presentations that are long on buzzwords and short on answers.  

I recognize the success of any consulting project rests in the ability of the client to implement it. The consulting path I take fosters getting things done.

If you really want to challenge your thinking, uncover opportunity and get great things accomplished, hire me.  If you want a bunch of fancy buzzwords, we're not the right fit.

My Story: About
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